Custom Machine Quilting



Thank you for your interest in LTL Quilts. Now that you have created a beautiful quilt top, it’s time to think about getting that top finished to show off to the world. I firmly believe that the quilting chosen for your finished project should enhance the design of the quilt top. 

In fact, judges view the artistic coordination of tops and quilting to be a critical element for award-winning quilts. That is why I specialize in “custom quilting”. A great many quilts I have done have received awards at North and South Carolina quilt shows.  And some have won awards at the large national shows.  

It’s great fun to receive calls from new customers who have seen my work at these shows and want something special for themselves.

What is Custom Quilting?


“Custom Quilting” creates unique quilting patterns that enhance the design of the quilt.   The design may accent the shape of each block – or find secondary patterns within the blocks. It may accent patterns in the fabrics used. Or, it may create a mood taken from the purpose or style of a quilt.   It is especially beautiful on appliqué quilts, art quilts, sampler quilts, and paper pieced projects!

In my case, all work is "hand-guided" which means that the longarm machine is moved by hand either using rulers and templates or freehand.



In addition to winning Best of Show, Best Hand-Guided Machine Quilting, Best Embellishment, Viewers’ Choice, and numerous 1st Place awards in regional quilt shows, I have also won a 1st at National Quilters’ Association (NQA), the Teacher’s Award at Machine Quilters’ Showcase (MQS), and 3rd at Machine Quilters’ Expo (MQX), and American Quilters’ Society (AQS).    


Since moving to Durham, I have won BEST OF SHOW at Capital Quilters’ Vintage View Quilt Show and SIX 1ST PLACE RIBBONS and the AWARD FOR BEST EMBELLISHMENT in the 2017 Symposium Quilt Show.

What does it cost?


As it's name suggests, custom designs are created and stitched for each quilt.  The quilting is done on a Longarm Quilting Machine without computer control; it is all hand guided.  It includes "stitch in the ditch" quilting around pieced elements to stabilize and highlight the piecing.    As a result, this quilting process takes much longer than many "edge to edge" designs, and therefore costs more.  

Pricing is dependent upon the complexity and density of the design, as well as the size of the quilt.  You can expect custom quilting to begin at 4 cents per square inch.  

We will discuss your budget and your desired designs, and you will receive a firm quote at the time you bring your quilt to me.

Our Quilt

 I LOVE quilts and the whole process of quilting.  You can be assured that when you leave a quilt with me, I will treat it as my own.  I will dream of designs as I fall asleep and execute them with absolete care and strive for perfection.  Of course, I have a non-smoking home! 

More Questions?

 Please call me at (843) 821-2330 so we can chat.