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Welcome to my Quilt studio!

Where you can find

Custom Machine Quilting:  Creating something really special from your quilt top.


APQS Longarm Quilting Machine Rental:  Make your quilt truly your own.

Located in Durham, NC and serving quilters across the country.

Lynne Turner-Liro

LTL Quilts

(843) 821-2330

    I've been quilting since the early 1970's. In those days, there were no rotary cutters, acrylic templates, or even many books about quilting. The one book that I did have was called "A Perfect Patchwork Primer" by Beth Gutcheon. It was a fabulous book that taught patchwork design along with its history. I was hooked! Now, like many of us, my quilt book library has expanded along with my dreams of what can be.

    I’ve been longarm quilting as a business since 2004. It sure does beat commercial banking (which is what I used to do)! One of the best things about working on other people’s quilts is that it pushes me outside my comfort zone. I love traditional quilts, but many I've worked on are decidedly non-traditional. Now I have a great appreciation for a much wider variety of quilts.

    The other great thing about my business is that my quilting studio is located in my home in Durham, North Carolina. I love working at home and not having the hour-plus long commute I used to have. And working out a new quilting idea at 2:00 AM is much easier when I can do it in my jammies.

    My home has always been a NON-SMOKING environment.

    I am a member of the International Machine Quilters Association, National Quilters Association, American Quilters Society, National Quilters Association, the Quilters of South Carolina, and the Cobblestone Quilters Guild of Charleston, SC. Be assured that your quilt is being handled by someone who loves quilts as much as you do

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